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Indian Leather Handmade Journals


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This is a medium Journal

Our smallest is £7

Medium £10

Large £15

Handmade paper, Leather embossed, book bound. A special purchase to give to anyone who would appreciate the workmanship in making every page by hand.  We have a limited supply of these books due to the direct nature of sourcing the books from India.  A beautiful example of old handicrafts, traditional methods and resourcing of byproducts from other industries.

Each journal is different with images of Ganesh, Om symbols, Buddha, camels, elephants and more.

ex large £20

+ -

A handmade Indian Journal
Contains handmade paper

Made using the old methods of embossing, bookbinding and paper making. Paper is made from recycled cloth and leather is a byproduct from the meat industry.

All is well in the welfare of people workers and environment.

Product is direct sourced from India.