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Our Story



It started in March 2015 after graduating from art school, then completing a design degree, Ness Brigham Environmental Designer new it was time to start a new career.  Vanessa was in her art studio on the River Tees thinking up new ideas and planning how to do something that she cared about but trying to make a living at the same time.  There wasn’t much opportunity locally in graphic design and a friend suggested to Ness to go into the Enterprise Arcade, Stockton High Street to promote her design work.  She had been busy screen printing and designing patterns for products.  Always busy learning a new skill, she learned to make lampshades, books, cards and heat pressing onto coasters, cushions and creating artwork using nature and a roller press….



She new this couldn’t be enough to open a shop so she looked at things she cares about to make a difference in the world.  Ness had been part of a community social enterprise to improve local lives through art.  With this sense of doing good for the environment, people and being a change-maker it was clear that a shop with a heart to educate, promote local artists and crafters plus make a difference to third world countries would be the natural choice.    She set out to research and find the products that she loved and found the suppliers that had the same ethics and environmental policies.  It was felt that Stockton High Street needed something interesting as the place had become empty, lacking fresh vitality.  Many people had stopped shopping in Stockton as the empty shop problem had hit the street.

The shop was a great success and was well loved by the people who came to visit.  It was a pleasure to create something wonderful for Stockton.  Since then Ness felt she needed to go to India and Nepal to see for herself the lives of the people she was supporting. In March 2016 Ness took the trip alone and saw the destruction caused by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.  She went to meet Tibetan people and Indian handicrafters to see first hand the way people lived.  She came back knowing how lucky we are in our civilised country with clean streets and safe practices. Knowing how hard people work to make rugs and hand weaving, hand carving and hand dyeing our products for very little.  The story is still continuing today. We appreciate your support in shopping with us knowing your buying with a clear conscience and helping many women support there families.